Issue 103 - Spring

East Lothian Life

Issue 103 - Spring 2018

When spring rolls into East Lothian, the season beats the winter blues and brings something magical to our lives. Green spaces are suddenly blazing with the colour of flowers and trees in bloom the countryside looks stunningly beautiful and sounds of wildlife start to fill the air again.

The milder weather and lengthening days mean you can spend more time in the great outdoors, revelling in a countryside bursting with colour and, fingers crossed, the sun shines. It’s a great time of year for wildlife watching and the county is a fantastic backdrop for a range of outdoor activities, such as hill walking, cycling, golfing and fishing. Why not take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, explore the historic sites and visit our charming towns and villages as East Lothian shrugs off its winter blanket and spring begins to uncurl?

Healthy living in the home is expected to be a hot topic in 2018 and our spring interiors bring together the best of old and new ideas, whilst Geoffrey Williams says ‘nothing can beat the humble chest of drawers for versatility. Alasdair Johnstone, explains the changes relevant to the property sectors introduced in the 2017 Scottish Budget and Fiona Watson brings us up to date with the changes in the private landlords sector.

We can visit an amazing variety of East Lothian Gardens which open their gates as part of Scotland’s Gardens scheme and we have some delicious recipes in our Cooking is Fun section. This is just a glimpse of some fascinating articles in the spring issue of East Lothian Life, which as always is packed with such a great variety of articles, just look at the contents.

East Lothian Life explores much of what East Lothian has to offer. So if you are looking for wonderful walks, the adrenaline of an outdoor adventure, or an experience ‘Beyond your imagination’ turn the pages of East Lothian Life – there’s so much to read, see and listen out for.

Enjoy East Lothian Life, because like our county, it will contain something of interest to you. Just look at the great variety of fascinating content, stunning photographs and articles all covering faces, places, pastimes and pursuits, which make up this wonderful county of ours.

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Front Cover: Tyninghame Beach a painting by Helen Wyllie

Digital vector art (sold as limited edition giclee prints in its panoramic version)

‘Spring is the time of plans and projects.’ ― Leo Tolsto


06 East Lothian Homes
07 St Andrews Kirk Ports
16 East Lothian Property
39 Figuratively speaking
56 Gentleman Jim Clark – a true sporting hero
66 What’s on at the Coastal Communities Museum
68 Farming East Lothian – Alderston Mains
76 News & Views & Book Reviews
31 Play Bridge
42 The Backlands part 1
45 Play Chess
46 The Treaty of Haddington 1548
48 The Haddingtonshire Courier
60 Cooking is fun…
64 Wine Cellars
72 Lamp of Lothian part 2
12 Spring Interiors
14 East Lothian Antiques
20 East Lothian Gardening
26 Plants that changed our lives
28 Muddy Boots 65 – Cottyburn to Bangly Brae
32 Walk on the wild side
35 Money Matters
36 East Lothian Biodiversity – Rabbits
40 East Lothian Railways of the past – Haddington Branch line
51 Reflections on East Lothian’s Curling history
54 Beyond your imagination with Viarama Virtual
58 Art Matters – Made in East Lothian
70 Turning the tide on plastics
80 Travel & Explore – In search of Eirik the Red
82 East Lothian Life Motoring
78 East Lothian Life Classified