Issue 94 - Winter

Winter is a magical time to enjoy East Lothian. There’s nothing quite like the raw beauty of the landscape wrapped in its winter cloak to refresh the spirit and put a spring in your step.

Winter is when the county's crisp, frost-dusted landscapes are especially atmospheric. However, to make the most of a this time of year, preparation is key – not least dressing accordingly so you can enjoy long walks on empty beaches, a game of golf or explore our inspirational high streets, with their independent shops, cafes and restaurants.

East Lothian is brimming with great events, unique entertainment, shopping experiences and friendly cheer to warm up those winter days. Our vibrant culture and spectacular heritage presents a cultural treat for lovers of the arts, music and sport.

The exceptional architectural character of Nunraw Tower captivated Jennifer Sharp as she explored some of its 500 year history. Whilst Kate Gould offers advice on making your garden a winter wonderland and encourages us to enjoy the Scottish Snowdrop Festival, which starts at the end of January. Allen Skinner and his muddy boots explore Doon Hill and its two historic battlefields; whilst wildlife artist Darren Woodhead positively relishes the winter weather as he captures its very essence on paper.

Remember East Lothian Life - makes a great gift and offers a whole year of enjoyment.

Front Cover: Fieldfares and Long-eared owl by Darren Woodhead


pp4: Nunraw Tower - Jennifer Sharp explores some of the 500year history of this exceptional, architectural tower.

pp26: Wildwood Legacy - Martyn Baguley investigates why holl plays such a pivotal part in Christmas imagery.

pp39: East Lothian Biodiversity - Winter Blues Sky. Stuart Macpherson explores the winter blues.

pp63: Does it make sense to recycle? The short answer is YES.

pp67: County of History - Crookston School. James Hendrie looks at the importance of this once rural school.

pp70: Taking the Common Weal Approach - join in the conversation with Deborah McLaughlin.

pp82: East Lothian Motoring - the Jaguar XE a very important car for Jaquar's future.