Issue 96 - Summer

Embrace summer in East Lothian – a time of festivals, Highland Games and stretched-out-evenings.

With the long summer days, there are so many exciting things to do in East Lothian that you can fill every spare minute of your time. With a range of attractions both indoors and out there’s always something to do rain or shine.

If you need ideas for things to do that will inspire, excite, challenge, reward and entertain lots of different people all at once, well, East Lothian is the place. The county is packed with oodles of adventure, history, wildlife and scenery across every square mile. With celebrations, festivals and the ever-changing face of Mother Nature, the summer months in East Lothian have their own exciting flavour.

This is a great time to enjoy what is on the doorstep. The rivers and burns, hills and glens, towns and villages, miles of coastline and secluded beaches are the perfect setting for a range of outdoor activities, such as fishing, shopping, eating-out, mountain biking, walking and water sports. You can enjoy the spectacle of traditional dancing and sporting events at North Berwick Highland Games; celebrate farming and rural crafts at our very own East Lothian Haddington Show; visit your local flower show, gala and village fete, or participate in the splendid variety of music, art and craft festivals, taking place in the county over the summer.


pp22: Getting the summertime buzz - If we all planted just a few plants rich in pollen or nectar, we could really turn around bees' fortunes.

pp23: East Lothian's Apple Heritage - A precious resource, which was at the heart of apple growing in East Lothian.

pp31: East Lothian Biodiversity - Glorious Grasslands - Nature conservation can be a bit like gardening on a grand scale.

pp35: Summer Bird Watch - Our feather friends provide us with endless entertainment.

pp39: Musselburgh RoM - A grand spectacle with a fascinating history and a great programme of entertainment.

pp65: Art Matters - Wildlife artist John Busby was a pioneer of working direct from life and he had an exceptionally rare talent.

pp61: Fringe by the Sea with a varied programme of music, drama, comedy and film.

pp66: The Concept of Time - Jennie Young reflects during the drowsy days of summer.

pp83: Motoring - Co-wheels East Lothian is a not-for-profit business leading the way in rural car clubs.