Issue 99 - Spring

Spring is the season of opportunity - don't waste it.

This truly is an inspirational time of year, when increasing daylight and warmth from the sun makes everything on earth want to jump for joy. Tolstoy wrote ‘Spring is the time of plans and projects’ and indeed it is the time to renew your goals, refresh your home and to unearth your garden from its wintry layers.

East Lothian Life is just jam-packed with ideas and suggestions, from Health & Fitness to a brisk circular walk with Muddy Boots. Enjoying the countryside is exhilarating in the spring months. Wrap up warm and brace yourself for the nippy (yet refreshing!) breeze. The landscape is suddenly transformed with the appearance of spring flowers and blossom on the trees. The hillsides and coastline look stunning and sounds of wildlife start to fill the air again.

East Lothian is renowned for its fresh, seasonal and local food. Gerry Condron encourages you to grow your own; whilst Stuart Macpherson explores a very special landscape with a fascinating history, ecology and geology. Wildlife, history, art and events are all explored through the pages of East Lothian Life, illustrating that spring shows us life is truly a constant beginning with constant opportunity.

Whether it's gardening, spring cleaning, learning something new, giving your home a makeover, organising renovations, or another activity suited to this season of renewal, planning ahead will help you to make the most of the spring months. Remember to leave time to enjoy your copy of East Lothian Life.

East Lothian Life has recently been Highly Commended in the PPA SCottish Magazine Awards 2016 Best Small Publishing Company.

Front Cover: Stonestacking - a new artistic practice. James Craig Page


pp25: Gerry Condron of Down to Earth Gardening celebrates East Lothian's access to an abundance of safe, healthy, nutritious, organic food.

pp40: The Kennedy family who farm near Haddington were delighted when their farm emerged as a finalist in the recent Scotch Beef Farm of the year awards.

pp48: Rosemary Everett visits the Scottish National Portrat Gallery to learn more and see first hand the Tweeddales patronage of the arts andarchitecture.

pp52: Gardner Molloy, a sculptor who loves working in sandstone.

pp66: Cooking is fun... Few things are as dependable as rhubarb.

pp74: Fiddlesticks. Jennifer Sharp discovers there's no nonsense about this group of music makers.

pp78: Health & Fitness: Win six month's membership with Enjoyleisure.