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Issue 113 - Spring

Spring is the season when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of sight, sound and colour. What better invitation to…

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Issue 112 - Autumn/Winter

I have so many people to thank… …for their support during my illness, not least the small team who have kept…

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Issue 111 - Spring

Those of you who are regular readers will recall East Lothian Life Editor, Pauline Jaffray, was taken ill last October. Pauline…

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Issue 110 - Winter

Editor and proprietor, Pauline Jaffray, has been at the helm for the production and publication of every single issue of East…

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Issue 109 - Autumn

East Lothian Life Issue 109, autumn 2019 Celebrating 30 years of publication. As we head into the autumn months, many…

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Issue 108 - Summer

East Lothian Life Issue 108, summer 2019 Celebrating 30 years of publication. Summer in East Lothian what’s not to…

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