Meet the Team

Pauline Jaffray

East Lothian Life was Pauline’s childhood dream. Growing up in a rural environment, she enjoyed an idyllic way of life. Family and friends working together, sharing social occasions and always rallying around one another when times were tough. It was a lifestyle that had gone on in much the same way for generations. As a result, she grew up with a real sense of belonging and being part of a warm, vibrant, close-knit community – inspiring her to launch East Lothian Life, so the customs and habits of the people in East Lothian would be recorded, shared and always remembered. 

Over the years, Pauline was the recipient of awards for her ever-increasingly popular publication. She won the Local Business Hero Community Award in 2008 and was highly commended by the PPA Scotland in 2016 for the Best Small Publish Company Magazine. And 32 years on, with 115 issues under her belt, Pauline retired from her role of editor.

Kim Williams

Like Pauline, Kim grew up in the countryside but on the other side of the world in New Zealand. Many a busy day was spent in her childhood bedroom, furiously designing the pages of her future magazine or penning her soon-to-be Pulitzer-prize winning novel! However, it was 30-years-ago her love affair with Scotland began when she took a summer job on the Isle of Skye. There she discovered the Scots’ love of traditions could only be rivalled by their love of storytelling – ensuring customs and habits were recorded, shared and always remembered. Exactly Pauline’s vision for her magazine.

After that summer, Kim went on to carve out a career in publishing and marketing, working in London, Wellington, New Zealand and Edinburgh before settling in East Lothian with her husband and two sons. She is editor of community and lifestyle magazine – Local Life and, in 2021, took on the role of editor for East Lothian Life.