East Lothian Life captures the very essence of this beautiful county – its people, history, towns, villages, and future, in a quarterly glossy independent magazine, combining lifestyle with local interest. With a stimulating choice of diverse articles and features, every issue covers many aspects of life in East Lothian, past and present.

Well-researched and beautifully written, East Lothian Life is an outstanding example of a county magazine with a truly profound understanding of the county it represents. We work with a team of writers who live locally and have a strong local insight, enabling us to bring content for our readers on the people and places that make East Lothian so unique. Whatever your interest, East Lothian Life’s blend of editorial coupled with a strong sense of heritage captures the faces, places, pastimes and pursuits, which make up this wonderful county. Renowned for its wide-ranging, compelling content, the articles very rarely date and can be constantly referred to.

Current Issue

Issue 116, Winter 2021

Letter from the editor

If someone had told my teenage self I would one day be editor of East Lothian Life, it wouldn’t have meant very much to me. 

I could point to Scotland on a map but did not know of a county called East Lothian. Plus, I would have been far too busy in my childhood bedroom, furiously designing the pages of my future magazine or writing my soon-to-be Pulitzer-prize winning novel. I had little idea that on the other side of the world, a young woman named Pauline Jaffray was realising her own childhood dream. Pauline, like me, grew up in a rural environment and enjoyed an idyllic way of life. As a result, she grew up with a real sense of belonging and being part of a warm, vibrant, close-knit community – inspiring her to launch East Lothian Life

Fast forward to the present and my exciting new role at the helm of a magazine that has been at the heart of East Lothian since its very first issue 32-years-ago. I can’t help but think of the power of dreaming and, more importantly, acting on those dreams. I didn’t arrive here via the most direct route; in fact,
my love affair with Scotland began when I took a summer job on the Isle of Skye nearly 30 years ago. There I discovered the Scots’ love of traditions could only be rivalled by their love of storytelling – ensuring customs and habits were recorded, shared and always remembered. Exactly Pauline’s vision for her magazine. After that summer, I went on to carve out a career in both publishing and marketing. A husband and a couple of children later found me settled in East Lothian and editor of community and lifestyle magazine – Local Life.

My first issue of East Lothian Life is special, not only because
I follow in the footsteps of the indefatigable Pauline, but because while it remains true to the ideas rooted in the magazine’s DNA, it also looks forward with new perspectives and voices. So as we celebrate the arrival of winter – a season filled with festivity and the prospect of enjoying time amongst those we hold dear, in
a place we love, I encourage you to also look to the future. In the words of singer Natasha Beddingfield, “Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.

Cover: Darren Woodhead | Rooks and Jackdaws Heading to Roost