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Current Issue

Issue 118, Summer 2022

Letter from the editor

As our last issue went to press, I fell from my horse, sustaining fractures to my pelvis and sacrum. Beaming, the orthopaedic surgeon delivered the good news, “No need to operate, all that is needed is time and rest.”

Now, rest is an anathema to me. Although my family will attest to my oft-heard cries, “What I’d give to sit and do absolutely nothing!” It seems the opposite is true, and after a week of enforced rest, I was up, hobbling on my crutches, because there’s the business of putting the next issue together. From interviews to photo shoots, editing, proofing and last-minute fact-checking, we’re out straight until it’s done.

But in terms of bone-healing, the doctor’s orders were indeed quite correct; healing takes time and rest. So, this, the summer issue of East Lothian Life, is meant to be about adventure of a gentle sort – taking time to enjoy summer and the place we live. A few tastes of the great outdoors, some new destinations and experiences. And, given the last couple of years, virtually any kind of journey can be construed as an adventure for many of us. Especially if you go by the Merriam-Webster definition of “an exciting or remarkable experience.” As Rachel Marshall beautifully illustrates in Cloud Busting (our cover image), there is nothing quite like a walk in our stunning countryside to shift your mood and outlook – a remarkable experience.

So in these pages, you will find experiences to whet your appetite to get out and explore, from James Hendrie’s weekend in Rome to Stuart Macpherson’s Five Ferries Challenge combining cycling, sea-faring and camping. But you’ll also encounter moments that present a more inclusive definition of adventure, such as Bob Randall’s series of images of day trips and staycation destinations – inspired by his reading about the historic county towns of Great Britain during lockdown.

This summer, we urge you to take an adventure of a gentle sort; walk, garden, explore, dine out with friends, experience one of the county’s numerous shows and exhibitions. Or simply take time to sit, rest, heal and breathe deeply, taking in the beauty, the remarkable experience that is summer in East Lothian. Until next time. 

Cover: Rachel Marshall