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Current Issue

Issue 117, Spring 2022

Letter from the editor

Can you believe it’s spring already? Before long, our gardens will be lined with blossoming hedgerows, and lambs will be stumbling clumsily around the fields. What could possibly be better than this? Spring represents renewal, and at a time when the world is still experiencing so many challenges, the joy of simply being able to sit outside and listen to music or read a good book can not be underestimated. The arrival of spring is always welcome, but particularly so this year, following the devastating destruction of the county’s trees in the wake of Storm Arwen. Yet as Rita Bradd beautifully illustrates in her poem The Felling Storm, with destruction also comes regeneration. And now winter is loosening its grip, and gardens are being tilled; Pauline Jaffray tells us how taking part in the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) can help do a little bit to redress the havoc caused.

The biggest gift that change can give us is the opportunity to renew. This was undoubtedly true for Jo Waddell, who took to online vintage shopping to keep the dream alive for her renovation project in Dunbar, which had dramatically stalled due to lockdown. Change is good for the soul, and perhaps now is the time to finally give your interiors a new coat of paint or a complete overhaul – Alison Gibb offers spring interiors inspiration. Or why not finally commit to turning an interest into a business? Horace Parkin says the world of antiques provides many opportunities to develop an interest or hobby, enjoy a little trading, or even establish a profitable business.

Talking of change, I think that 2021 was, for most of us, a better year than 2020, and yet, few of us realised in March of that year that this ‘thing’ would last so long. Living with COVID-19 has been many things: terrifying, tragic, surreal, a time of unexpected discovery, a time of incredible innovation; but above all, it has been a test of patience and a chance to be genuinely thankful for what we have. I have no doubt the months ahead will present greater opportunities for getting out and about either within our own country or even (dare we say it) abroad. As you turn each page of this issue, I hope you will feel proud and curious about the county we live in, the county we love; from East Lothian’s turnpikes and tollhouses to the picturesque setting of Seacliff beach or the staggering amount of East Lothian places that have been the star of many a Hollywood blockbuster.

Here’s to spring, and I do hope, like the longer and warmer days, this issue of East Lothian Life lifts your spirits. Until next time. 

Cover: Laurence Winram